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Rubix Project

the Rubix Project website. To start with, this man called Brian Morgan is a big liar whose presentation doesn’t make any sense. Of course when we see these things, we cannot agree with him further that this Rubix App scam can make over $10k per day. That is just a form of deceit that is aimed at fooling naïve people who have no understanding of how the market works. Unfortunately, if you’re one of them, then it becomes disappointing to learn that the financial market can never make you rich overnight. It will take time and the right trading app as well, not Rubix Project software.


Rubix Project Scam  – Why this service will fail you ?

One of the biggest problem with this service is its promises. Remember no one will make you a millionaire for free for short period of time without having any interest. Moreover, you cannot make $10,000 from $250 deposit for one day. That’s unrealistic and if you believe in this you`ll lose your investment.

Who is Brian Morgan ?

Brain Morgan is not even his real name it is just a fake identity used in the bogus software. He is none other than the scam artist who is highly involved in another scam websites. It is likely we will see him as the part of new scam software in the upcoming days. The identity of the owner of the Rubix Project software is a fake, and his system cannot be trusted.


when we have searched for his staffs and also for him on Social network and on the internet we have found nothing. Google is also failed to provide any information regarding him and his staff’s former profession. Might all of them are scammers and running this company to loot peoples hard earned cash or it might be quite possible as other scam sites they have also hired some good actors from Fiverr. They all have been paid with a decent amount of money to play the roles of Owner, engineers, Wall Street Brokers, and Designer.

100% Winning Trade is Impossible

The software claims that it can give you 100% winning a trade with the help of its auto-pilot system, but no software gives trade with such accuracy. Binary trade software is capable of giving you accuracy on trading up to 85% normally and not more than that. So, the fact is clear that this software is trying to cheat on the new beginners by boasting so many things to show itself as genuine software.  Moreover, no trade keeps on winning continuously whereas this software is found to be claiming such huge success rate. In the official page, I further encountered trading result page where all the trade is in won status without a single loss.


Rubix Project App is 100% SCAM!

Folks, do not trust services, which claim that you could become millionaire overnight! They are all Ponzi Schemes, that will steal your money as fast as you can say 1,2,3. But do not be alarmed, because our team have made in-depth search and tested all the possible services out there. Sadly, just few of them are legit and can bring you honest profits. They are created from real people, with real trading experience.

You can find good trading systems like Penny Millionaire , Lexington Code , Code Fibo with these 3 you can trade with trust



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