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Regal Wealth App

Regal Wealth Review

Everyone wants to make money trading binary options. But as for using this bogus trading app, it’s going to be very difficult for people to be liberated from their financial situations, especially when they dream of using a software that only gambles their money away.

So if you’re among the few traders who had imagined that becoming rich with the Regal Wealth software was possible, you’re in for a rude shock. You should get off the cloud and face realty.


The fraudsters who produced this shameful SCAM risk getting sued now (I really hope this happens), and this is just for openers. We also reviewed the various elements of the scam, namely the presentation, software, accuracy levels, customer service, and transparency. This system failed our credibility test on all key parameters and we believe it to be extremely misleading and deceptive. There is nothing regal about this scheme, and the cheaters behind it are most likely less-than scrupulous marketers who will swear they are direct descendants of Queen Elizabeth if the deal is good enough. So after completing our extensive review and investigation our findings were unequivocal and very clear, we are dealing with a very dangerous binary options investment scam.

Plagiarism And Fake Ownership

First and foremost, we are told that Michael King is the CEO and founder of Regal Wealth Trading Group. We did our research to confirm if this was true. To our surprise, we discovered that indeed Regal Wealth Company exists but Michael King is not the CEO. Neither does he hold any leadership position. He doesn’t appear anywhere. These scam artists have plagiarized the name of real company and used it to promote their fraud. They deserve to be put in jail. We even made an effort to find the identity of Michael King from social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. He was nowhere to be found. He doesn’t want his identity to be known because he fears being traced.

No Negative Review over the internet

If you Google about Regal Wealth trading system. You will not find a single website or trading forum that endorse Regal Wealth. Even you will find the reviews of the real users who already invested into this and get nothing. There are hundreds of users complaining about this trading system. Now if he only wants to give a chance to 50 users, then where these hundreds of users created an account to earn money?

Fake results

Under the Regal Wealth video you can see some allegedly live trading results. But they are fake and it is easy to prove.

Look at the image on the below, you have there two binary options on oil, they have the same expiry, yet the actual price is different for each option.


And this is simply impossible, in reality two options with the same expiry have to have the same price. So it is obvious that these results are fake.

50 members Slot will never Expire

As mentioned on the site Micheal King only need 50 lucky guys, but when if you visit the site regularly you will notice that 50 member slot will never fill up which is really suspicious and make us think that they are fooling people.

Our Opinion

After doing deep research about this Regal Wealth we manage to gather sufficient proofs to call Regal Wealth a SCAM trading system. And we would recommend you to stay away from it.

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