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Passive Income Bot

The Passive Income Bot software created by Carl Razinski and Mark Foster was recently launched and received the formal seal of approval from industry-leading review sites. This SCAM-FREE trading robot is considered by many to be the “next big thing” in automated options trading, so we have decided to rise to the challenge and inspect this new and potentially profitable new app. Truth be said, there are many fraudulent systems available these days and most of them are worthless apps designed to steal your money and leave you penny-less. However, every now and then a certain solution hits the markets and delivers on its promise. Keep reading to see what the Passive Income Bot is about and why it can actually make you residual income while you live your life and do the things you love to do.

–Passive Income Bot Was Closed On 7/1/17–

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Official Website and Login Page: Click Here

Passive Income Bot


Passive Income Bot Review

Carl Razinski is a high school math teacher who developed new trading algorithm together with an MIT dropout named Mark Foster. The main idea behind this new system is the use and implementation of nonlinear algebra. This was done since it is widely understood and accepted that in order to properly predict trends you must also factor in unforeseen events such as tropical storms, fires, wars, and so on. Nonlinear algebra acts as a kind of buffer to minimize the levels of uncertainty and error margins as much as possible. It is widely assumed by industry experts that this is the reason for the success it has.

Some Distinguishing Factors

It’s important to point out that this service is HTTPS Secured. This is very comforting given the fact that cyber-security and hacking is something we hear about all the time. In this case, all your personal and financial information is protected in a completely secured trading environment.

Another element we put to the test is the testimonials. We made sure the images are not taken from fiverr.com and all the testimonials are legit. We actually contacted the people through their Facebook account and had them personally attest as to the accuracy levels and success rate of the system.

The results section is also based on a live data feed which produces real and updated information in real time.

Trading Arena

We found the trading experience and the user interface to be very intuitive and easy to grasp. After funding our account, we hit the start button and everything started working immediately.

Is Passive Income Bot a SCAM? We Started Asking Questions..

It seems we were not allowed to choose our own brokers, so we asked why this is the case. We were told that those are selected based on how the app performs with the corresponding broker. It seems certain brokers have risk management teams that actually flag winning accounts, and that is problematic for a profitable app since people cash out all the time. We also asked why some brokers were not regulated, and the response we received was very logical. We were told that depending on your geographical location a broker is assigned. For example, Australian traders will be allotted a certain broker, while UK traders may be assigned another. However, the first priority was to get a regulated broker, and only then move on to others (which may be just as good for all intents and purposes).

Demo Account

That is available and fully functional, so anyone saying it is a scam because demo is not available is wrong and misleading you.

Customer Service

The level of support we received was both timely as well as professional. We felt we were being treated fairly and not just thrown to the wolves as is the case with most systems offered today.


If you believe trading is without risk you are mistaken, however Passive Income Bot is the best chance you will have at minimizing that risk and achieving optimal results in a relatively fast period of time.

What is Missing Here?

Well, we didn’t see any hyped-up claims or false statements of exaggerated earnings. We also missed the fake testimonials, lies, half-truths, and fabrications. We did however find a kind and courteous staff which was responsive to our needs and responded very promptly and professionally.


We got good feedback from our subscribers, and if this trend continues we will inform all our members about this latest development.

Official Website and Login Page: Click Here

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Passive Income Bot Review Summary and Closing Arguments

We started out writing this review under the assumption that Passive Income Bot is just another scam, but we were pleasantly surprised and very excited to find out this a SCAM-free trading robot. Yes, it’s true that most results came in at 83% and not 85% as advertised but we were told that this would improve as the trading progresses. We actually took our own credit card, funded a trading account and let the system do the work. We invested $300 and the following day we had around $500, then two days later it actually climbed to $1,014. For all intents and purposes this is a legit and genuine trading app and we plan to keep using it and telling our friends and family about it. As always, if you have been scammed by this system please let us know and we shall be more than happy to revise our review and findings of our investigation.

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