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Live Profits Review | TbinaryOptions
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Live Profits Review

Live profits is a new free fully automated binary options trading software by Robert Wilson. Robert claims to be a financial advisor that is regularly seen on television but when I did a Google search the only Robert I found was not this guy.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting you know whether or not I feel like this(liveprofits.co) is a worthwhile investment opportunity.

Live Profits Review

The front page of the live profits webpage consists of a video that Robert tells us is a live stream. He keeps adjusting his camera and pretending like that this is happening in real time. You see on the bottom left-hand side of the video it says there are 2151 viewers and there’s a bunch of buttons that makes it look like it’s actually happening live. On the right-hand side of the page there are a handful of scripts. One keeps telling us that new people of into the broadcast and the other is a countdown to when Robert is going to give us over $10,000.

fake attendees

The easiest way to see that the live profits video and webpage is fake is by leaving it and coming back. Immediately you will notice that no matter what time of day you come to this website the exact same attendees are going to be entering this so-called broadcast. There is also the fact that the video is the exact same and starts right back at the beginning every single time. This developer is trying to fool us and that does not go over well here at Tbinaryoptions.

I am not recommending live profits to any Tbinaryoptions reader.

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