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HFT Finance

What is HFT Finance App ?

HFT Finance Group under John Williams claims to work as a broker on Wall Street. His app allegedly works using the principle of so-called High-Frequency Trading. HFT Finance is a 100% free software being provided to a select few for use. The target number of people who would be given the free copy of the software is 50. This auto-trading software is capable of making over $15,000 per month. The software boasts of an astounding winning rate, which is 98.6%. Also, it is well publicised that in over 1478 trading sessions, there was just one instance when the software ended on the losing side. You would be provided with a free copy of the software which doesn’t need installation, if you lucky so to speak.

The Software application is available on both Android and iOS. It works on PCs, laptops and Mac. One feature it provides it to follow the moves of a professional trader and learn as you trade.



HFT Finance – Scam or Not?

you should not join the HFT Finance software. It has not been proven to work, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. All the provided proof of profitability is fake.

Mr. Williams states that if you start with a minimum balance of $250, you will be given a welcoming bonus of the same size. This is an underhanded practice – you are not given the chance to decline it and you cannot withdraw until reaching a certain trade volume.

HFT Finance Fake Testimonials

On the HFTFinance website you can see a lot of testimonials. People are endorsing this trading system and claiming that it is making them money. But everything is fake.

In the video all the people are just paid actors and on the webpage stock photos have been used together with fake stories. Look at the picture on the right to see a proof.



In Summary of my HFT Finance Scam Review I would say that this is just another cheap scam. Made to try and get their hands on your hard earned cash. It is covered in typical scam signs. The banners saying that there are only 20 space left with 400 people looking at the site to try and panic you in to signing up. The fake awards and of course the actors on a green screen pretending that they have made fortunes using the software but it is all rubbish it is just another cheap scam.

Here you cam find reviews abot trusted system you can trade with, like : Lexington Code , Passive Income Bot , Snap Cash Binary  you can be sure that your money is safe with these 3 systems.

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