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How to Trade Double Bottom and Top

No chart pattern is more common in trading than the double bottom or double top. In fact, this pattern appears so often that it alone may serve as proof positive that price action is not as wildly random as many academics claim. Price charts simply express trader sentiment and double tops and double bottoms represent a retesting of temporary extremes.

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How To Trade Wedges

A popular chart pattern used by many FOREX traders is the falling wedge. The reason this pattern is especially beneficial to traders is its ability to give traders who had missed a previous up move another chance to rejoin the trend.

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How To Trade the Head and Shoulders

The head-and-shoulders chart pattern is a popular and easy-to-spot pattern – once a trader is aware of what they are watching for. The pattern appears on all times frames and can therefore be used by day and swing traders as well as investors. Entry levels, stop levels and price targets make the formation easy to implement as the chart pattern provides important and easy-to-see levels.

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What Is Spread Forex Trading

Every market has a spread and so does Forex. It is imperative that new Forex traders become familiar with spreads as this is the primary cost of trading between currencies.

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Understanding Forex Charts

Forex traders have developed several methods for attempting to figure out the direction of a currency pair. Fundamental traders may read news to see how interest rates, economic growth, employment, inflation, and political risk affect the supply and demand for currencies. Technical traders use charting tools and indicators to identify trends and important price points of where to enter and exit the market.

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Trading Binary Options on Bigger Time Frames

Before you start your trading, it can be helpful to check the big picture. Smaller time frames are just a snapshot within the bias of a larger time frame. For example, if you trade 30-minute charts, do you know what your favorite market is doing on the 2Hour…

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How To Choose A Forex Broker

The foreign exchange market accounts for more than $4 trillion in average traded value every day, making it the world’s largest financial market. Since there is no central marketplace for the forex market, traders must select a forex broker to help them

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Successful Forex Traders Tips

Before you start to tradeing forex – recognize the value of proper preparation. The first step is to align your personal goals and temperament with the instruments and markets that you can comfortably relate to

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How to Trade Arbitrage In the Forex Market

Arbitrage is a trading strategy that has made billions of dollars as well as being responsible for some of the biggest financial collapses of all time. What is this important technique and how does it work? That is what I will attempt to explain in this piece.

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Professional Forex Trader

A professional trader is one who is capable of winning in the forex market consistently and is able to manage and maximize his profits. For this, a trader will use a price chart just to analyze the market.

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Fear and greed in trading

Fear And Greed In Trading

Markets are not mechanical or linear but moves in a reaction to human emotions. Many have talked about the drawbacks of emotions in trading, psychology of. .. In this article we would like to discuss these two emotions:fear and greed.

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What is penny stock 

Penny stocks, also known as cent stocks in some countries, are common shares of small public companies that trade at low prices per share. These securities are popular because it requires small capital amount to make an investment and as in all, investors can make a big profits.

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Investing in Gold Bullion

There are many reasons to invest in gold bullion is a very good alternative, we can start by saying that gold is a precious metal that is not under the control of any government.
Additionally, because of different reasons paper money is increasingly devalued, otherwise what happens to gold, this is a coin that is always upward.

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inflation and deflation

The concepts of inflation and deflation

Very few times have all surely hate talking about inflation and deflation, two basic concepts for the economy , however rarely and very few people are those who can safely give its exact definition and explain these two concepts.

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Fibonacci Arcs

Many of you know and have read in the blog enough about fibonacci retracements but Fibonacci arcs are support and resistance that move in time, being the time factor included in this indicator.

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Grid Trading

This time we’ll talk about trading technique called grid trading aspect whose name comes from the graphics shown (There is also another way of trading based on graphs called renko charts). This technique does not work for binary options. use is recommended forex

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Trading Pattern: Powerful Kicker

This is one of the investment patterns in the most powerful candlestick charts . It represents a massive change in traders sentiment as a signal of this type will appear almost assured of winning our trading in binary options.

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Recover From Large Losses In Trading

We know that a trader with knowledge and experience can earn huge amount of money. However, losses are unavoidable , even the best investors have a significant losing streak . For these situations you have to be prepared in the best way possible. Otherwise we can lose in minutes that cost us a long time to win.

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Tips For Developing Trading System

There are several items which speaks and presents different methods and trading systems , to develop a strategy … This time we will give you a few tips just to design a profitable trading system and not fall into the miraculous systems of trading that besides costing money we will lose even more money and time

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Trading With Ichimoku

A trading strategy simple as we usually bring. The author has a percentage of earnings up to 85% on forex. This technique was based on the hyu kinko ichimoky . The advantage of the system is its simplicity and in the case of forex along with SL and TP levels allows for a large profit.

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30 Minute Stochastic Strategy for Trend Followers

In the financial trading markets, the best thing you can do is follow the trends; this can lead to substantial profits if you are careful. However, for following trend signals and preventing false breakouts, several oscillators are required to help out traders in indicating market trends. Among the commonly used oscillators in the market, Stochastic is one of the most favorite of traders, especially as it can provide them with multiple trend following signals. Most of these signals can be used for trading binary options, but the 30-minutes charts are the most preferred in this trading market.

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Cup and Handle Pattern

Binary Options Trading Cup and Handle Pattern

The cup with a handle is one of the most popular terms you will come across in the market. This is because it is one of the best base patterns that can be used in the trading market to analyze high-growth stocks. In the past, this pattern has preceded some of the biggest stock runs in the history of the market and indicates an extremely strong buy point for investors. Typically, the cup and handle is considered to be a bullish pattern in continuation, marking a pattern of a consolidation period and the breakout that comes after it.

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Keltner Channels

Trading with Keltner Channels in the Binary Options Market

Getting started with binary options trading can be one of the most life changing decisions for you. Compared to other trading markets, binary options offer extremely high rewards for those who are able to make successful trades. However, it is the successful trading part that is often the trickiest to master. With the right strategies and given enough practice and knowledge, you can easily win most of your trades in this market. For all these three, there is one thing you need to have right: the perfect chart tools.

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Using an ATR Trailing Stop Indicator for Spotting Trends and Reversals

For traders in the binary options market, keeping a close eye on trends is extremely important if they want to make winning trades. One of the best indicators they can use for spotting these trends is the Average True Range Trailing (ATR) Stop indicator. It will not only help them spot trades, but it will also help them choose the direction in which the market would be moving. It also can also be used to spot strong pullbacks in the market that would eventually lead to the failure of a trend.

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How CCI Trading Strategy Can Work For Binary Options

Even though it is known as the Commodity Channel Index, CCI can be used as an indicator for all markets and not just for commodities. This indicator moves above and below the zero point, going back and forth to indicate the market trends. While this indicator can be used in a lot of ways, there is one commonly used strategy that makes the best use of this indicator. This basic CCI strategy was developed Donald Lambert, the developer of this index.

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Trading High Probability Consolidations

Trading in certain types of consolidations can turn out to be highly profitable as you can get huge rewards here as compared to traditional trading markets, and that too while keeping risks minimal. Even when you are trading binary options, you can trade with consolidations to get good trading opportunities. However, some additional analysis of historical charts would be required for you to decide on the appropriate expiry time for different high probability consolidations.

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The After Hours Trading Strategy For Binary Options

Binary options can be traded any time of the day from anywhere you want since this market deals with globally traded securities. This means that you can easily trade in binary options after hours, especially if day trading is not an option for you due to your job or some other reasons. However, the fact remains that the market changes when you are trading after hours and so does the strategy requirements if you need to make a successful trade.

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How I Pick Tops And Bottoms In The Binary Options Trading

IIf you are trading binary options, one of the trickiest things to tackle is picking the right tops and bottoms for your trade. Just a slight bit of margin and you could lose your entire investment even if it was a close one. The thing is no one can tell you exactly how you can pick the right top and bottom for any security; the market is fluctuating too often for that to be done.

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Goals For New Binary Options Traders

If you are just starting out as a binary options trader, the first thing you have to focus on is the goals you are going to set for yourself. Goal setting in the trading market is extremely essential if you want to trade successfully. However, this is often the stage where most people make mistakes, which subsequently leads to failure or huge losses

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Binary Options Trading During The Holiday Season

Holidays are not usually the best time for binary options trading due to the low volatility they have to offer. However, considering the fact that there are too many bank and exchange holidays in a year, there are only a few full weeks that you will actually get to trade in

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How to choose binary option expiration

Many novice traders note that binary option trading is not as complicated as classical Forex trading. However, even here there are a number of difficulties due to the timing of option expiry. Often the wrong choice of this term leads to a negative result. This happens even during the correct analysis and the proper approach to the work of the trader. Let’s try to figure out how to choose the optimal duration of the option for your trading style.

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Market Update 10/2/14

Market update 10/2/14 . Read more

Candlestick patterns

Learn about candlestick patterns. Read more

Nonfarm Payrolls Trading

This strategy is very simple and effective, but at the same time not everyone will guess it. It will require you to use basic skills of trade and almost guarantees steady income. Read more

Trading psychology

The most important thing in trading activity is mental trader’s attitude. Suffice it to say that the traders which are trading virtual account (with virtual money) often show good results, but in the transition to real money their results are highly degraded. Read monre

How news can destroy technical analysis

Traders need to know about this Forex trick, as the impact of news on the profitability of transactions in the Forex market. It is, all about economic news. Read more


Stochastic Oscillator and Divergence

Stochastic indicator at this stage is considered to be the most popular due to the fact that it works in corrections, defining with precision the movement’s direction (change) of the price at which it tracks closing prices within the series (which was the last) of the bottoms and the peaks. Read more


News Trading With Binary Options

The strategy is called news strategy, because it is based on fundamental data. This simple strategy for binary options is not only a profitable strategy, but also popular because of many reasons. Read more


Trading with MACD

MACD is an abbreviation of Moving Average Convergence Divergence. Having read only one name, we understand that moving averages are included in this indicator’s basis. Read more


How To Trade Using EMAs

Exponential Moving Average (EMA) is moving average, which is calculated by adding to the previous value of the moving average a certain share of current closing price. When we are using an exponential moving average, last closing price is more weighted. Read more

correlation table

Forex Correlation

Currency Correlations – is one of the important concepts of Forex trading that should be in the arsenal of every trader, which is trading on currency and other financial market. What is currency and other financial instruments correlation? In fact, the correlation is the relationship between various assets in which the change in the dynamics of one asset affects another’s state. Read more


Hedging Strategy

In normal financial trading, the hedging is when two opposite positions are opened and as soon as there is a clear direction for further trend, losing position is closed and profit continues to gain momentum. In this embodiment, the strategy is still not without its risks, however, in the case of binary options, this strategy has been redesigned and upgraded, allowing it to maintain profits from two counter deals. Read more


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