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Dubai Lifestyle App

What is Dubai Lifestyle System ?

The Dubai Lifestyle program is a binary options auto trader that is supposed to run completely on auto pilot. The founder, Scott Hathaway claims that it is guaranteed to generate at least $7,000 in profits per day with 99.8% accuracy for winning trades. This was our first indication that something was not right with the Dubai Life Style App system. There is no software available that has this kind of success. You can speak with any professional trader and they’ll tell you that this is simply not the way binary options trading works.

Why Dubai Life Style APP is SCAM



The testimonials you see during the Dubai Lifestyle scam presentation is none other than Fiverr.com actors, every single one of them. We are not against actors as a general rule, but Fiverr actors they chose to use confirms yet again that our review is about a scam service. Some of our subscribers will notice quite a few of the people featuring to give their reviews, and will be able to link them to previous scam reviews we have done not too long ago. We had to laugh when the first actor claimed that he found the Dubai Lifestyle software through a personal invite from a friend of his, and we of course know that friend came in the form of an order, and paid for delivery.

Dubai Life Style APP Video

The video presentation does not contain any information about how the algorithms work. The alleged creator Scott Hathaway says that he came across an algorithm! What the f*ck is this? Algorithms do not appear here and there you either create them or hire someone to develop them!  Therefore, if the creators of this application decide to skip such important matter providing zero information why we should believe in their words?

Dubai Life Style Story

The story behind the Dubai Lifestyle App is about Scott Hathaway, the voice narrator in the presentation. During this video, he was claiming to be the owner and head developer of the auto trader. Scott said that he moved to Dubai from Iowa 2 years ago with $500 in his pocket and a dream to make thousands of hard workers around the world into millionaires with an automated app that he will create. He then met the Mahmood brothers who allegedly supported his project and donated to him none less than $430,000 to start developing the auto trader. He then has started recruiting software engineers, programmers and within 6 months they have managed to create the final version of the auto trader with 99.8% winning ratio. Of course it all lies.

Dubai Lifestyle App uses paid actors to read their lying scripts as well (We’ve seen same actors in other scams too). Worst part is that the deposited money will not have great potential of profits due to their poor performing algorithm. Thus, prompting countless negative feedback from traders and reviewers alike. Do Not Invest your money into Dubai Lifestyle App SCAM!.

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